It’s Saturday evening and we don’t have a cook. I asked one of the sick members of the community what he would like for dinner. I wouldn’t expect him to eat any of my spectacular gastronomic efforts, so I was prepared to go and bring some food in.

My sick brother wanted pizza.  I ordered by computer and ten minutes before the designated time I walked to the shop.  It began to rain, and I didn’t have an umbrella.

I picked up the food and began to walk home in the rain.  Behind me there was a man singing at the top of his voice.  I hoped that he would leave me alone.

I came to the zebra crossing and had to wait for the lights to change.  I then felt someone standing very close to me.  I turned my head and said, ‘Good evening!”  He smiled at me and said nothing – just stood there.   The lights changed and he quietly moved away.  It was then that I realized he had been standing so close to me so that he could put his umbrella over me.

A sense of great joy settled upon me that a stranger would care for me like that.  I said to myself, “you just met the Lord standing in the rain on Marrickville Road.”

Jesus has a habit of visiting when unexpected. This is how Love wins.

Kevin Tuitu’u, C.P.  Member of the Marrickville Community.