PASPAC is an abbreviation for “Passionists in Asia and the Pacific Configuration” which is an annual gathering of the Leadership of the Congregation of the Passion in the ten countries in which the Passionists are located in Asia and the Pacific. The Leadership (Provincials, Vice Provincials and Mission Superiors) of the Configuration meets annually, while the other components (Finance, Formation and JPIC) meet less frequently.

Every two years the Configuration meets in Assembly in one of the nations in which the Congregation has a presence. The purpose of PASPAC is to remain constantly in solidarity each other, offer support and exchange personnel within the Configuration – and to stand in solidarity with the other five Configurations which form the Congregation of the Passion globally.

The President of the Configuration is a member of the Extended General Council which meets annually in Rome for a period of sharing, consultation and discussion between the six Configurations and the Superior General and his Council.

PASPAC actually has a history going back over forty years – having had 20 Assemblies since 1975.