Passionist Sisters of St. Paul of the Cross

We, The Passionist Sisters of St. Paul of the Cross are women consecrated to the Crucified Lord to bring the poor, the little ones, and the marginalized women back to the heart of the Father; we, therefore, make the memoria passionis the centre of our existence as consecrated women.

By extending the charismatic experience of the first community, born in Florence in 1815, to the present, we want to be the proclamation of the gospel of mercy in the Church in the sign of one heart, one soul, one will in mutual charity.

Maria Maddalena Frescobaldi, our foundress, let herself be reached and touched by the groans of the lost of her time, in particular, the women victims of violence and prostitution; becoming for them a sign of the love of God who heals and saves from the greatest evil.  She welcomed their cry for help and the will to respond to this love. In this meeting, the Spirit raised up the Congregation, which she aggregated into the Passionist Family, which has its origin in St. Paul of the Cross.

As women of memory at the service of the Crucified and the crucified ones, consecrated to the Passion of Jesus and to the sorrows of Mary, we express our charism:

  • To unite in the reparative action of Christ and participate with him in the work of reconstruction and reconciliation of the person wounded by evil
  • To participate in Christ mission of intercession with the Father for humanity
  • To make ours the sentiments of Christ who praises and thanks the Father.

Today, united by this unique ideal, we form a family of Sisters who are committed to opening paths of hope and mercy in the history of our time. We come from 34 countries and operate in 27 countries on five continents. We are currently about 1000 Sisters.

Our lifestyle in multicultural communities is already a proclamation and a sign of the Kingdom in a world that yearns for unity in the sign of peace, justice and solidarity.

As memory women at the service of the Crucifix.