English Language Studies for Pastoral Ministry

In 2014 the Passionist after several months of preparation, began an English Language School for Pastoral Ministry (ELSPM). Owned by the Passionists, it has been registered as an Education Centre with the Australian Government. It began in Adelaide with two teachers and 16 students. We are grateful to the Mercy Sisters, (St. Aloysius College, Adelaide), for selling us their License. It moved to Melbourne where it has given the opportunity to over 200 pastoral workers, religious women, priests, seminarians and students from various churches, the opportunity to learn English for Academic purposes or ministry back in their own countries.

We, the Passionists began this College to enable our own Passionist students from Asia and the Pacific to develop their skills in communicating in English. Students from Vietnam, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, China, South America, and other countries have appreciated the cultures of other students and the learning of English. This exciting ministry has reached a very high standard due to a Salesian Sister Margaret Bentley. Highly trained staff enabling a student to venture into university studies with a great deal of success. The Australian Government has recognized its great work by granting near $250, 000 to purchase equipment to enable the staff to teach through the internet. An exciting project that not only teachers them English but has enabled so many to grow in the appreciation of other cultures and faith experiences.  The Passionists through the Asian and Pacific world (PASPAC), use English as the language of communication.