A life-giving gift, our Charism

Experiencing the Passion of Jesus draws us into the Heart of God, present within the Universe, and within the whole community of life on Earth. It empowers who we are and what we do.

By entering into the pain and suffering of Jesus we are moved to enter into our own pain and suffering, to stand by others in theirs, and to respond to the pain and suffering of the Earth.

The Passion of Jesus offers no hope without the Resurrection, but Resurrection Hope cannot be experienced unless we are first willing to stay with the suffering.

When God is discovered in the ordinariness of life, and as the unfolding Mystery connecting everything and everyone, our Charism remains alive. 

In the context of our world and its story, the spirituality flowing from our Charism inspires us to enter into relationships that may not be otherwise humanly possible or were unknown to us in previous times.

 Our charism continues to create and sustain our sense of the community and communion of all, flowing from the heart of our creating and compassionate God.

It expresses itself in empathy, prayer, and ‘down-to-earthness’. It leaves us vulnerable to the pain and suffering all around us and impels us to work for the coming of that new world of peace and love, justice and joy, which is the Kingdom of God.