Celebrating the Centenary

The Journey Continues

Dear Passionist Family,

2022 marks the centenary of establishment of our Passionist Holy Spirit Province, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam.   So we Passionists invite you to join in our celebrations

The Story

In 1841, Blessed Dominic Barberi established the first Passionist community outside Italy. It was to be a steppingstone to England, to fulfill the dream our Holy Founder, Paul of the Cross. In 1842, Dominic Barberi took the congregation to England, from where it spread further through Britain and then Ireland. It became the St Joseph’s Province.  

In 1843 small band of four Passionists, three Italians and one Swiss, come to Australia, to Stradbroke Island, to begin the first mission to the aboriginal people. Though the Passionists were present for only three years, the brave efforts were successful in the mission of evangelisation. However, the extreme living conditions and supply were too much for the religious and the mission closed.

In 1887, the next band of pioneers arrived from the St Joseph’s province to rebuild the Passionist presence under the Southern Cross. They settled first in Marrickville Sydney, then Goulburn and later Adelaide.  The community grew as the first Australians joined, and waves of generous religious came mostly from England and Ireland. These men travelled extraordinary distances and conducted, even in the earliest years huge numbers of parish missions and retreats throughout cities, towns, outback and countryside in Australia and New Zealand.  Many returned after five, ten, twenty and some even more, years.  A number our brothers also died here without ever returning to see their families and loved ones.

Then, in July 1922, in response to the request by Fr Silvio di Vezza, our Superior General, the Sacred Congregation for Religious in Rome approved the establishment of the new Province of the Holy Spirit. Three communities and 26 men. In October, Fr Bertrand Mangan, was appointed as the first Provincial.  In December Fr. General informed the St Joseph’s Province that the Vatican decree was being put into effect.

The Centenary Celebrations

On this feast of Pentecost, 2022, we are proud to announce our “Celebrating the Centenary -The Journey Continues”.  It will begin on July 11th, the centenary day of decree of Fr General and conclude on December 16th, the day in 1922 when the separation from St Joseph’s province took effect.

With gratitude we will thank God for the graces and blessings that have been ours as we have evolved and adapted, growing and changing, responding to the call to keep alive. in our lands of the Asia Pacific, the memory of the Passion, God’s overwhelming work of love.  

We will remember the many men and women who have lived the charism of St Paul of the Cross, our priests, brothers, sisters, our companions, and benefactors, all the extended and ever-growing members of our Passionist Family

With prophetic hope, we will answer the Spirit’s call, not only remembering but looking forward. For the message of the Cross, its resurrection hope is need more than ever it seems, when the crucified of the world, include the very Earth itself.

Stay Tuned………..

………to join the prayers, liturgies, celebrations, institutes, webinars with which we will celebrate our journey, a hundred years and more to come.   Schedules soon….