Feast of St.Barnabas


Acts 11: 21-26; 13: 1-3,
Matthew 10: 7-13



Barnabas, though not one of the twelve, was an amazing disciple in the early Christian community, first in Antioch, then along with Paul on some of his missionary journeys.

Acts tells us he was a ‘good man filled with the spirit and with faith’.  It would have taken those qualities to be the kind of missionary Jesus invites his apostles to be in today’s Gospel. Jesus invited his disciples to be single-minded, to trust in God and in the communities among whom they lived.

What does this Gospel have to say to us today? We too, are called to be missionaries and prophets in our time. I believe it calls us to be true to our word, to be people of integrity, people whose words and actions are in unison, people who encourage others and plant seeds of faith by action and example. 

Finally, Barnabas is associated with the quality of encouragement. This is surely a quality that we all need to give and receive to build up the body of Christ and grow the kind of Christian community which so many ache for in a world which is struggling with loneliness and isolation.  Albert Schweitzer, once said ‘if we had before us those who have been a blessing to us, they would be amazed what passed from their lives to ours.’ How about offering a word of encouragement today to a neighbour, a stranger or to someone you know who is hurting?

Sister Brigid Murphy CP
Sisters of the Cross & Passion,
Leadership Team