Conversion of St.Paul


Acts 22:3-16 or Acts 9:1-22
Mark 16:15-18


We know the story. So are the statements below true or false; Fact or Fiction?

Saul owned a horse.

Saul fell off his horse.

Saul fell to the ground.

Saul saw a bright light as he lay on the ground.

Saul’s companions fell down on the ground.

Saul’s companions saw a bright light.

Saul heard the voice of the Risen Lord.

Saul’s companions did not hear the voice.

Saul lost his sight.

SAUL LOST HIS WAY. Dragging members of ‘The Way’ (followers of Christ) back to Jerusalem to face a trial and condemnation was not God’s way. It shows how blind Saul was.

Saul was misled in his zeal for carrying out what he thought was God’s will for him.


Saul was led by his companions into Damascus.

Ananias was right in being afraid of Saul. He heard many bad things about Saul.

Ananias challenged the Lord’s request that he visit Saul.

Saul can see again as he is baptised

Saul’s name becomes Paul when the Holy Spirit comes upon him

Paul does not use the word conversion when talking of his coming to know Christ


A new name, a new identity, a new mission, a new sense of self

The Apostle to Gentiles is his new title given to him by the Lord.

Good and bad incidents that are part of life but they are not obstacles to God’s will being achieved through us. Our pride can be tempered by our mistakes.

The compassion, the capacity to forgive, the shared wisdom, and a spirit fill welcome back are the fruits of a fall. Reconciliation both personal and communal, is all that it takes.

We can look to the future with confidence because when we fall God will pick us up.

Fr Peter Addicoat CP is parish priest and community leader of our St Joseph’s parish/community in Hobart Tasmania.