Many years ago, when I was a lot more innocent, and full of ideals and grace, I read this quote in a book, and it has never left me.  I think it was seminal in my decision to become a Passionist.

A young man wrote a letter to

the editor of a daily newspaper

asking for some help in living his faith.


The editor wrote back,

and this what he said,

“’My son,

You are asking how you should

get close to the Lord Jesus.

This is all I can advise you.

If you are to find Him,

you must go to a Garden.

This is where you will find Him,

lying on the ground.

If you are to hear what He is saying

you must get down beside Him. 

This is another of the places where I pray, on my face in the Garden next to Christ adding my prayer to his. I imagine it goes something like this prayer from St. Paul of the Cross who was Himself configured into Christ Suffering.

My Father, I am all Thine! O dear, O sweet will of God, I adore Thee !”

Kevin Tuitu’u, C.P.  Member of the Marrickville Community.