Blessed Pio Campidelli

Blessed Pio Campidelli only had a few years in which to show that he was a winner in the spiritual stakes. He was born in Trebbio, the son of farmers in Rimini in Italy in 1868. He came to know the Passionists, as so many others after him, through taking part in a parish mission given by the Passionists.

He was an eager young man and wanted to join the Passionists even before he was old enough. In the seven years that he was a Passionist he became a real example of a dedicated young man who wanted to love Christ and to live the gospel in every part of his life. He was good natured and a wonderful brother to the other students in the community.  He had a very strong devotion to the Eucharist and to our Lady. But before he was ordained and could start his life as a missionary, he was struck with TB (tuberculosis). By his 21st year he offered his illness and his life for the life of the Church and the Pope and his beloved Romagna part of Italy. Pio Campidelli is a reminder that life isn’t measured by the number of our birthdays, but in the passion with which our lives are lived in serving Christ and his sisters and brothers.