There is an Australian author named Robert G. Barrett who wrote a book of short stories called, YOU WOULDN’T BE DEAD FOR QUIDS.

One of these stories involves a large New Zealander named Les Norton. The build of a bouncer with flaming red hair. He also enjoys a beer or two or five or ten.

Les is called by his boss to come into work.  He works in Kings Cross as a bouncer at a seedy night club. There is a special private function, and he wants Les to be there. The night is long, and Les gets home to Manly in the very early hours of the next day. He has a couple of hours sleep and then decides to go for a long walk along the Corso.

While walking he realizes that he needs to eat so he stops off at a bread shop and buys a meat pie. He eats while he walks.

Les sees a woman walking towards him who has a small dog on a leash. The dog sees the meat pie and jumps up and down on Les trying to get at it. Les stops and says to the woman, ‘Do you mind if I throw your dog a bit?’ She says, ‘No – go ahead!’ So, Les picks the dog up and throws it under a passing bus.

Sometimes people say things to us, but we don’t comprehend what they are really saying. This can because we are not really listening to them; because we have something we really want to say; because of prejudices; because we have no experience of what they are talking about; or because we are really not that interested. Sometimes what they say can be too good to be true.

We can do the same to God. Each day is God’s loving gift to us. But the cares and worries of our worlds can cancel out what is really being said. Each of us was a thought in God’s imagination which came into being. God wants to share everything that is good with us – everything. We have to have the eyes that see and the ears that hear.

Grace, peace and all good things be yours!

Kevin Tuitu’u, C.P.  Member of the Marrickville Community.