Passionists in Vietnam

The Passionist Congregation in Vietnam was founded from Rome in 2005 and later became a part of Holy Spirit Province, along with Australia and Papua New Guinea. There are now 13 Vietnamese Passionist priests, and 38 young men are in training at various stages of formation as Passionists.

Passionists are present at two locations in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). St Paul’s Retreat currently houses all students in philosophy and theology as well as postulants currently studying English while they prepare to begin their special spiritual year as novices.  Fr Diên, ordained five years ago is community leader, his classmate, Fr Tuệ, heads the formation team, providing guidance and support to the students as they develop their lives as Passionists. Former leader of the Vietnam Mission, Fr Jeff, remains treasurer for the whole mission in Vietnam.

St Gabriel’s is home to two priests, Fr Vuộng, community leader, and Fr Francis Xavier, along with ten candidates for our life, referred to as aspirants. These men have all graduated from university or college in various subjects, and currently study English in preparation for the entrance exam to formal church seminary studies in philosophy.

Six of our young priests have gone out to far distant parts of Vietnam on mission, helping in parishes, in challenging situations. Soon we expect to be made responsible for parishes of our own. Vietnam is a country that has experienced the cross in many ways. The crucified of today are all around us. Vietnamese Passionists dream of healing and uplifting the poor by the power of the cross, by its message of love. They feel challenged to deepen their spiritual lives as they lead others, through preaching, spiritual direction and retreats.