The Passionist Mission of Our Lady of Lavang, a small branch of the Congregation of the Passion, is present in three locations in Vietnam, all student houses for our seminarians in Ho Chi Minh City.

St Gabriel’s is home to eight Passionist theology students and Fr Jasmin their formator. They share the house with Fr Jeff Foale the Mission Superior and Fr Thomas Anamattathil the Mission Business Manager.

St Vincent Strambi’s is home to thirteen philosophy students led by Fr Joseph Tuấn, while Fr John Baptist Tuệ takes care of Blessed Andre Fu Yen’s with nine pre-philosophy students.

Founded in 2005, this Mission aims to help rebuild the Church in Vietnam by training indigenous missionaries to serve especially the most remote and neglected. So far five priests have been ordained and bishops are seeking their help in some challenging locations.

Vietnam Passionists celebrating the Feast of St Paul of the Cross on 19 Oct 2017



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A brief history of the development of the Congregation of the Passion of Jesus Christ in Vietnam

By Trung Thu DHM and Paul Vuong CP

Three Passionist religious were the founders of the mission in Vietnam: Fr. Jefferies Foale CP, Fr. Thomas Anamattathil CP and Fr. Francisco J. Murray CP. Fr. Jeff and Fr. Thomas, arrived on 12 October 2005, and Fr. Francisco, arrived on 1st March 2006, with a short visit in November 2005.

Fr. Francisco served in Vietnam for 6 years, from 2006-2012 and Fr. Jeff and Fr. Thomas have been in Vietnam until now, October 2018.

Fr. Ottaviano D´Egidio CP, the General of the Congregation, and his Council sent them to the new mission in a beautiful ceremony in the church of St. Paul of the Cross, Glen Osmond, South Australia, on 21 September 2005.

During these 13 years, the first Passionist community has been built up in Vietnam with many vocations. Let us recall their journey with gratitude to God and to the Congregation. READ MORE


Belonging to the Congregation of the Passion of the Lord Jesus Christ, a crazy passion?

By Passionist Novice Joseph Hồ Sỹ Đoàn

On a sunny afternoon in 2007, after Sunday Mass, I heard a western priest [1] presenting his vocation to be a priest of this congregation. Actually, this was of no interest to me, because my dream was to become a cultural researcher, to go here and there exploring the cultures of the world. Foreigners; and one thing that made me want to get in touch with them was their presence in Saigon, where I dreamed of arriving at the university gate.

And then that dream came true, in July 2010 I left my poor homeland in Saigon to study. Yet, Saigon was not heaven, as I had thought, but a place lacking human love, too complicated, too shabby, too picky. During my time in school, out of curiosity, I went to investigate and stay with the Passionist brothers on the Sunday of the second and fourth week of each month. READ MORE