Becoming another Christ in Holy Communion

13th June, 2017

In a nursing home the residents were gathered in the chapel for the feast we are celebrating today, that of the Body and Blood of Christ. One old woman, wheel-chair bound, was wearing two hats. A carer from the home tried to take one off, but the woman clung on tightly to her two hats. In her efforts to tidy…

A Pep Talk For Palm Sunday

5th April, 2017

‘Keep in mind that Jesus Christ has died for us and is risen from the dead. He is our saving Lord, he is joy for all ages’ [Lucien Deiss] We have already begun the best week in the whole liturgical year. Centuries ago it was called the ‘Great Week’. Nowadays we call it ‘Holy Week’. We walk with Jesus every…

Listening to Jesus

7th March, 2017

St Augustine is one of the most famous saints of the Church. Early in his life he was drawn to the person of Jesus Christ and to the Christian way of life. But for a long time both lust and pride got in the way of his taking the plunge and getting baptised. Eventually, however, both he and his fifteen…