Ecclesiastes 11:9-12:8
Luke 9:43-45


At this time of admiration Jesus had just been transfigured and affirmed by the Father, had shown his healing power and restored a son to his father, and was being praised by those around him. Jesus reminds his disciples for the second time that “The Son of Man is going to be handed over into the human hands.”

The disciples are to have these words “constantly in your mind” so that they may ponder them at a deeper level. They did not understand the message or the meaning of it. How many times have we been told something and not understood its meaning? We need to actually think about things that we don’t understand and spend time in reflection.

They were afraid to ask the meaning of what Jesus had said.  Why?  Was it because they did not want to believe that Jesus who was admired by so many would be betrayed?  Was it because the disciples were not prepared for the Passion of Jesus?. Are we prepared for the Passion that so many people endure today and every day?

Joanne McGrath is a parishioner of St Brigid’s Marrickville and a Passionist Companion.