Feast of St.Matthew, Apostle, Evangelist
Ephesians 4:1-7, 11-13
Matthew 9:9-13


There would be few amongst us who have not sought out the solace of the quietened church, who have not stood in deep contemplation and awe at the majesty of God’s creation, who have not experienced the healing power of renewal bursting forth in new life.

Like the sinners and tax collectors of Matthew’s gospel we choose to sit at Jesus’ table. We seek Him out for sanctuary and healing, knowing that we are not the proud, not the virtuous, simply God’s people in need of His love and forgiveness.

As diverse as we are in culture, background, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, intellect, talent, skill, vocation, wealth, poverty, privilege, marginalisation, advantage and disadvantage, yet united are we in the one body and one Spirit. All are loved and all are equal in the eyes of Jesus as we stand before Him anxious for healing and redemption, seeking the peace that will unburden our souls.

We are reminded that it is mercy and not sacrifice that is needed, that it is humility and not hubris with which we should approach Him. 

In seeking His sanctuary, we open ourselves to His healing touch, to the reconciliation of our souls, to the sanctity that is promised us. 

Then may we feel His peace revive our drooping spirit.

Phil Page is a member of the St Joseph’s Hobart Parish