St.Francis of Assisi

Galatians 6:14-18
Luke 10:38-42


Today’s reading allows us to reflect on the two styles of discipleship. One is on serving through being busy in the saying/doing/moving and the other is serving in the being still/present/listening/observing.  A question we need to ask ourselves is how can we not do more but be more?

Last week, after a crazy busy work time, I went away with my family on a camping holiday up to Rainbow Bay.  Whilst we had all our kids in tow and it was a busy time, one of my treasured moments I had was when we discovered Double Island Point.  It was here that my husband took me by the hand and led me up to the high point where you could see all of God’s creation… and by that, I mean God really turned on a show!  Whilst being present and sitting down and watching the waves we were surprised by the gift of seeing whales flip out of the water and play in the ocean, we saw turtles and dolphins as well enjoying themselves and I couldn’t help by think of the story where Mary would sit at the feet of Jesus and just listen, look and be in his presence… this was a time we truly felt connected to the presence of God, knowing that God is here with us and loves us so much that we were gifted with creation to remind us of this.

As the Psalm says, “Wonderful are your works of God…”

Where is your place where you can sit and be more in God’s presence?  Go to that place today even if it’s your mind and connect to yourself and to God and you will be wonderfully rewarded!

Jo McDade is the Team Manager for The Passionist Youth Retreat Team. Wife and Mother of 4.  Enjoying the sunshine in Brisbane.