Zechariah 8:20-23
Luke 9:51-56


The gospel today highlights the deep commitment of Jesus to the will of the Father- symbolised in the journey itself.

By this I mean, that our text today highlights the determination of Jesus to stay with the moment – to focus his energy on the journey itself and not to be distracted by his opposition, let alone raw instincts like striking back at one’s opponents. How much Jesus knew of what lay ahead might well be debated by scholars – certainly, Jerusalem had a reputation for rejecting prophets and doing violence to them. What we can say is that it represented danger and potential harm to go there and to proclaim a message that while only revealing God’s deep love for the poor, disposed and vulnerable, was nevertheless a message that disturbed power structures and challenged the accepted orthodoxy of the day.  Jesus does journey towards danger, but the passage today places emphasis on his deep convictions, unwavering determination and courage.

We see our saviour here today as the one who having discerned what God was asking, then turned to follow that path no matter the cost.

Follow the path that resonates with our deepest sense of human kindness, that is in accord with the example of faith given by so many before us, and that is guided by the inner voice of Gods own Spirit. 

Perhaps that is the lesson for us today. Live life as a calling, follow the path of Jesus, live with gratitude as one’s core response to God, and live in anticipation of transformation into eternal life.

Fr. Denis Travers C.P. is the provincial of the Passionists of Holy Spirit Province.