Feast of St John XXIII

Galatians 5: 1-6
Luke 11: 37-41


The two short readings we have today echo one other with a very clear message about what is considered the hallmark quality of the followers of Jesus. We are called to live from within rather than conforming externally to look good! It is not that ritual doesn’t have value, but it must express what is within and come from a good heart so that it does not become empty and superficial. 

When we live for others and take on the values of the Gospel then our rituals will have meaning and give life to others.

Pope John XXIII, whose feast we celebrate today, was one who lived for others. His great concerns were the reform of the Church from the inside out and world peace. Vatican II called for a renewed Church, clean on the inside and we are still on that journey towards a more transparent way of being Church. A noble aspiration, though slow to come to fulfilment! Let us pray that we will be faithful to journeying towards living into that inner call to be renewed and live from within in the spirit of the Gospels one day at a time.

“A free heart and a pure intention give birth to generous love, which is the soul of every virtue and the strength of every sacrifice.” St John XXIII

Sister Brigid Murphy CP
Sisters of the Cross & Passion,