Jonah 1:1 – 2:1-2,11
Luke 10:25-37


Both Scripture Readings for today contain stories that we have known since we were little kids. Jonah being swallowed by the Whale, and the Good Samaritan story. These narratives contain elements of possible turning away from God, as well as fundamental pillars of ‘real’ Biblically based Spirituality of ‘greatness’ in the sight of God.

Several people throughout the Scriptures tried to resist the call from the Lord God, but through their hesitancy they grew into fine examples of a positive response to the Lord God’s Invitation. However, we probably have been sluggish in our responses, and hopefully we have been pruned by this experience to be more wholesome in the Lord’s Mission.

Jonah’s name in Hebrew is a derivative of DOVE! Hence, being the embodiment of the Lord God’s Peace and new life, as well as through the image of the three-day sojourn in the stomach of the Whale; Jonah became a walking Good News having experienced salvation.

The Good Samaritan put into action the ‘lived spirituality’ of Jonah! The non-Jew, the despised one, was the harbinger of the Lord God’s compassion and new life for all!

We are called to be like Jonah! The embodiment of ‘the Lord God’s peace’. We can only be that if we have learnt from experiencing the saving hand of God in our lives.

We are called to be The Good Samaritan; the one that does not pass by others but is alert to and takes responsibility for God’s outreach, to all people who we find on the road of life.

Kevin Walsh is a priest in the Diocese of Parramatta in Sydney. He has been formed in the Passionist tradition, and Ministers to the Aged, the Sick, the Dying and the Bereaved.