Philippians 3:17-4:1
Luke 16:1-8


“Our citizenship is in heaven” …  notice the “IS” not will be.   Living out of this truth helps us to shape our identity in Christ and as who we are, where we are going and who is journeying with us.  I know I am a victim to scrolling on my phone (escaping for a while to tune out of the business of life). 

Social media is full of attention grabbers.  Buy this, want that, have this, this will be meaningful for you and makes your life better. If we stop scrolling for a second and really look at what is going on and tune our attention to the messages, we will see that this is all earthly stuff.  Paul reminds us in the readings to “not look on earthly things” … it means nothing… it’s just a distraction of stuff, but rather, “set our minds on heaven” knowing that our homeland is in heaven… so get ready for that! Live for that… buy into that, make your life all about that!

Easy to say hard to do.  I like to start the day with mindful attention to who I am… a good place to start.  Breathe in and out. Bringing awareness that I am loved, I don’t need anything but Christ who Is love. Doing this you are allowing transformation to happen within.

Jo McDade is the Team Manager for The Passionist Youth Retreat Team. Wife and Mother of 4.  Enjoying the sunshine in Brisbane.