Apocalypse 5:1-10
Luke 19:41-44


“Jesus Wept”
Jesus rarely weeps in the gospels. In his 3 years of ministry, until his passion we can count only 2 times when Jesus shed tears. First was during the death of Lazarus a dear friend, secondly in today’s gospel when Jesus weeps over the fate of Jerusalem in the years to come.

Jesus was truly human! During his passion although not explicitly said in the gospels, Jesus’ must have wept, especially when his eyes met Mary his mother on the way to Calvary. It can be seen that Jesus cried rarely. This weeping showed the human side of Jesus.

For those of us lucky enough to have been to the Holy Land will recall the magnificent sight to behold when one looks over the city of Jerusalem. Jesus wept for the people of this city and his message of peace. His numerous attempts to win them over and then to realise this is futile and his message was met with resistance and arrogance. Their minds and hearts were closed to peace and all that Jesus had to offer. Jesus must have been deeply hurt and shed tears as he feels their rejection.

Today’s gospel has led me to reflect on how we too weep deeply for opportunities not taken and the mistakes we have made. I think particularly of parents who weep for their children who have not listened to the guidance and messages they have given their children and have consequently turned away from them and have gone their separate ways, often leading to the destruction of their own lives.

Today let us pray for all those who weep deeply for whatever reason, but especially for parents whose children have gone their own way and destroyed their own lives as well as their families.

Elizabeth Buchel has worked as an educator and psychologist for many years. She is formed in Passionist and Benedictine Spirituality. Elizabeth is a Passionist Companion and has been a active parishioner of St Brigids Marrickville since 1985.