Revelation 4: 1-11
Psalm 150
Luke 19: 11-28


Big Idea – Your one job until Jesus returns is to faithfully invest everything he’s given to you!

Recently at work I was listening to a couple interacting, my ears pricked up on hearing the words “You have been given one job to do, don’t blow it.” My eye darted in the direction of the interaction that left the air full of that brother – sister childhood banter, ‘if you blow it then be prepared’, prepared to be ridiculed or even worse teased.

It left me with the thought: suppose for a moment, there is actually one job – just one – that’s been assigned to you and you will be held responsible for how you’ve done it! Firstly, I am sure I would be, like most people, wanting to know what the job was. I’d want to know what was at stake, and I’d also want to put my best efforts towards doing that one job well.

That’s exactly what we have in the parable given to us today. Jesus is giving us the one job that we’re responsible to do. He gives us a story that helps us understand what this job is. And gifts us three outcomes that are possible! There are only three, and not four or two!!! Every one of us is in one of three categories: Rebellious, Negligent or Faithful. And then Jesus tells us what we can expect based on these outcomes.

We take a moment today to reflect on what our job is, may God help us to realise the one job in which we faithfully invest everything He’s entrusted to us. While giving thanks for not being given detailed instructions, rather we have the freedom to figure out how to invest what we have, with no cookie-cutter approach, but a very clear mandate.

May our Loving God help us to use everything we have in service, for His will not ours. We ask for the Spirit to help guide us.

Sr Karen Englebretsen CP, Cross and Passion Sisters. blessed to be a spiritual care worker in the homeless sector in Melbourne.