Acts 13:44-52
John 14:7-14


Our Gospel reading today continues, as do all the Easter Gospels, to explore the multiple dimensions and facets of what it means to be born again in Christ  -to be washed clean, to become a new creation, to share in his death and resurrection, to live in Christ’s light and to be Light.  In this particular gospel, we are that, in seeing Christ, we are given eyes – and hearts – to see the face of God.  

So what does it mean to ‘see Christ’?  Obviously, we don’t catch glimpses in our lounge room or down the street of a shining man with wounded hands and feet.  We don’t see Christ alongside everything else we see, an added extra.  No.  Faith allows us to see MORE, to see what is ‘within’.  Faith allows us to perceive the heights and depth, and breadth of the wondrous love of God that is within everything we experience. And I mean EVERYTHING. We experience  -the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the difficult and the welcome, the ordinary and the special.  

We older people remember the question in the Catechism ‘Where is God?”  And the answer – which many of you are already saying automatically – “God is ‘EVERYWHERE’.

All around us, -above, below, beneath, behind, before and beside us – resurrection faith allows us to ‘see Christ’ and so to glimpse the face of God. 

Fr.Tom McDonough CP is the current provincial of the Holy Spirit Province.