Acts 13:13-25
John 13:16-20


The scripture goes back to the last supper, the night before Jesus died and spoke about servant leadership.   Jesus has no illusions about the group of inadequate, sinful men and women he is addressing. One will betray him; the other ones will scatter in the moment of testing. These men (and women) are also self-centred and ambitious, which is why Jesus has to demonstrate to them the attitude of service. They are the ones he has ‘chosen’. Even at this late hour, he is showing them the way to happiness (through service and unconditional love).

He is also showing how we are all connected to God. “Whoever receives the one whom I send receives me”.    I’ve heard it said that God has no Grandchildren.  We are equal.  God loves me, but he also loves everybody else.   He loves ya mum, the ones with mental health issues, the needy, the ones who have a different dress sense than you (White sand shoes and Jeans don’t go, but yes, God love you anyways), God loves the person I find most annoying, self-centred or self-entitled.  God loves your son, your employer, the kid who served you sushi today, the mother who finds it hard to buy her kid shoes because she has no money and interest rates went up, and the rich person who gets it so easy… EVERYBODY!

I wonder if we saw each person we encounter today as someone that was totally loved by a God so divine, so willing to love, so powerful, so forgiving… a God that, no matter what, will see you as a child of God (not a grandchild), who will know you and love you.  Let’s give that a go today.

Jo McDade is the Team Manager of The Passionist Youth Retreat Team, Wife and Mother of 4 kiddos and basically a spiritual person on a human experience!