1 Peter 1:10-16
Mk 10:28-31


The chorus of a song by Moving Pictures entitled ‘What about me’* reads as follows ‘ What about me, it isn’t fair, I’ve had enough and I want my share can’t you see I want to live but you just take more than you  give’ keeps coming back to me as I reflect on these readings.       

It can be a personal cry of someone in need; a communal cry to be raised out of poverty and war;   a national cry for justice and equality; a cry of a world in fear of destruction or the lone cry of a voice trying to be heard.

Peter’s cry can hesitantly come to our lips when situations arise where we are treaded as lesser persons.

What about us/me? Peter asked perhaps anxious that he might miss out on present and future rewards.

Were Peter’ expectations, when he decided to follow Jesus, different from the journey Jesus offered to him?

A bed of roses will always contain thorns. Jesus offers a crown of thorns as a symbol of leadership, a reed as a sceptre of wisdom, and a cross for a throne (seat) of power.

Do we accept the offer of Jesus to follow him, to give up all and yet receive more in this life and eternal life in the world to come?

However, what are the persecutions we are asked to endure in his name?

‘Set our hope on the grace that Jesus Christ gives us’ says the first reading and eternal life is ours

Fr Peter Addicoat CP lives in St Joseph’s community in Hobart, Tasmania.