Acts 15: 7-21
John 15: 9-11


God makes no distinction. He gives the Holy Spirit to everyone who receives the word of the gospel generously and believes in them firmly. This is evident in today’s first reading. The power of the Holy Spirit and the message of the word is all directed towards having faith in Jesus Christ.

Peter in the first reading condemns the unnecessary burden laid on the believers which do not contribute to their growth in faith, hope and charity. Paul and Barnabas speak of the wonders and signs God worked in all those who believed in Jesus, irrespective of their origin and social status. Then James speaks about the universal outlook of God who desires to draw everyone to Himself.

This is the mission of Jesus; and also the mission continued by the Church today in different forms. Through proclamation of the Gospel God desires to bring everyone together because God is a gathering force.

As Easter people, we continue to rejoice in the risen Lord, abiding in his presence and eagerly waiting for the experience of the Holy Spirit, the very soul of the Church.

As we walk through this month of Mary, may we be protected under her mantle of peace. May she also inspire us to facilitate the action of the Holy Spirit in our lives as she did in her life.

Justin Durai Raj CP is a member of the Passionist community at St.Paul, Glen Osmond, SA.