Easter Sunday


Acts 10:34,37-43
Colossians 3:1-4
John 20:1-9


This morning the hills are still echoing, “JESUS HAS RISEN!” from every church steeple.

During the Vigil last evening, the Community pulled out all the stops!

Now the Exultet has rung out over the Church!! 

New members have been baptized joyfully into the welcoming Community!

And “We have seen the glory of God shining forth in the splendor of the Liturgy” (Vat II).

Today, the Lyrical sequence from Easter Sunday proclaims an event of universal—even cosmic—significance:

”Death and Life have contended,

in that combat stupendous

The Prince of Life who died

Reigns immortal.”

The poet pauses and asks, “Who is the first herald of this Good News?”

Was It some princely noble, some mystic or prophet or priest?

NO! It was a woman, who stood by Him ‘till the bitter end.  

“Speak, Mary, what you saw wayfaring.”

“Yes, Christ is risen.

The tomb of Christ, who is living….

Shroud and napkin resting….

Christ our hope is Risen.”    


Today’s first reading is much less dramatic, quite factual.

Here we see Peter in the midst of the house church of Cornelius.

It is some time since Jesus has Risen and Ascended to his Father.

Peter seems to be calmly laying out the core of the faith to the new community:

This is what we saw; This is what he knew.

“We are all witnesses of all that he did, this man God raised up

And granted that he be visible, not to all people, but to us,

Who even ate bread with him after the Resurrection….and

We are to bear witness that all who believe in Jesus

Will have their sins forgiven through his name”

First, we see an empty tomb and then the end of the reign of Death!

Then, the Wonders of the new community of faith and forgiveness.

Wonders of the Spirit Never Cease! 

And you, now, reading these words:

What wonders have you seen, wayfaring?

David Peter Folkes is a former Passionist Priest who resigned and married with 2 children and 2 grandchildren living in Chicago. He is mostly involved with refugee resettlement and racial equity issues.