Isaiah 7:10-14; 8:10
Hebrews 10:4-10
Luke 1:26-38


The experience of an annunciation is a situation that awaits us all. In life there are moments when the Lord speaks to us through his messengers, the angels. These annunciations can happen in a dream (St Joseph), while going about ones normal activities (The Shepherds at the birth of Jesus), while ministering at the altar (Zachariah) in a quiet spiritual moment (Mary in Nazareth).These annunciation moments bring the Lord anew into the world; our world.

An annunciation receives different responses from the recipients. For the shepherds it is curiosity which leads them to Bethlehem. And they believed what the angels told them. For Zachariah it presented all sorts of problems of age, health and change of life style. He did not allowed a ‘Yes’ to be spoken from his lips; so he could not speak a word of acceptance to his annunciation until his son was born and he wrote ‘His Name is John’. Zachariah was released from his doubts and stubbornness of heart. The birth of a child changed his and Elizabeth’s life from barren to fruitfulness.

Joseph woke up and took Mary as his wife into his house and keeping. It seemed the most natural and loving response one could give. Without a word being spoken Joseph acted out his ‘Yes’.

It is Mary’s response we celebrate today. It is her ‘Yes’ that enables her to be the first of Christ bearers. It is in her footsteps that we walk through life seeking her intercession in times of difficulty, comfort in times of sorrow, her wisdom in times of doubt and confusion, and a guiding star as we set sail for new horizons through our coming Provincial Chapter.

Our Lady of guide for the wander, pray for us.

Fr Peter Addicoat CP is parish priest and community leader of our St Joseph’s parish/community in Hobart Tasmania.