Ezekiel 47:1-9,12
John 5:13, 5-16


“International women’s day has just passed and I want to share a story about a woman in my life who has helped me grow closer with my spirituality.

My Gran (Grandmother) was someone who was always special in my life. She was a person that always made others feel welcome in her house. Like many grandmothers, she enjoyed baking for her grandchildren. Not an uncommon story.

One of the things that always struck me, even from when I was a young child, was how she loved when our family would show up unexpectedly to her house. She would move whatever she was doing to the side and start baking scones and cookies. I remember the line “You can’t leave until I have finished baking and you have something to take home” was often uttered in these times. Due to this, when we arrived unexpectedly, we had to stay even longer. This brought my Gran much joy.

On her death and at her funeral, I was struck by seeing her coffin. The finality of it made me think of my own mortality and afterlife. I came to the realisation in that moment that out of all the people I knew, my Gran was the most Christlike person I knew. She had displayed the qualities that I hope Christ displayed to all. 

When I reach my end I like to think that Jesus will show me the same enthusiasm that my Gran did for all those years. That they greet me like an unexpected guest.  

I hope my own story brings some joy into your life and that we can all find reasons to be grateful to all the women in our lives”.

Thomas Warren.