2 Timothy 2: 8 – 15.
Mark 12: 28 – 34.


In these Readings we hear questions about human struggles that are still being asked today: What place does bearing pain and suffering have in our lives? How can such experiences demonstrate love of God, love of neighbour, and love of self? How close are we to Jesus in these experiences? Individual responses to such questions are as unique as each personal situation and faith relationship.

It would be easy to over-analyse every life moment and to emotionalise faith into sentimentality. However, faith and reason do go together to form a deep understanding of the presence of God. Surprise and mystery do connect with quantum physics … and our lived awareness and experience of both harmony and contradictions opens us up to intimate knowing of Divine Presence in pain and darkness as well as in joy and light.

However, as 2 Timothy reflects, don’t waste words trying to explain. Rather present yourself as one who has come through such trials, keeping a course set on the truth of Jesus’ message and be a living testimony to Divine Love and Presence. Actions speak louder than words. Engaging both the head and the heart to experience God is both enlightening and beautiful … sharing these experiences with others continues the flow of Divine Love and Energy into our world.

From your own experiences … what can you bear witness to today?

Pam Storey is a member of the Passionist Faith Community at Holy Cross, Templestowe, and one of the founding members of Passionist Companions. After a very active and varied family, church and working life, Pam is now focusing on developing a slow spirituality.