2 Peter 3:12-15a, 17-18
Mark 12:13-17


The Goepel today speaks to us in our responsibility to our civic duties and our duties to God.

Being in the world means that we obey law and have a say in law and are governed by law, but God’s law is a little different.  God’s law speaks in our hearts and actions us to be citizens that respond to the needs of the poor, the unjust, the unequal… wherever you see a need, do something not nothing. 

Working in the city means that I walk past the very highs of people and the very lows.  I’ve started smiling at anyone who will look at me on my way to work- a little guster but it brightens my day.  It could be the person dressed in the power suits and it also could be the beautiful lady who is begging for money on the exit at the train lane.  My favourite is the poor lady.  She taught me this week God’s love as she stopped what she was saying when she noticed me smiling and said “Well good morning, have a nice day”… it really did make my day.  A woman who didn’t have much but gave a lot. God’s law of love compels us to love ourselves, each other and love God. It’s a law that is indiscriminate, that pushes the boundaries, is radical cause it’s a law that puts the needs of others before our own. It’s uncomfortable and is transformative.  If you dare live in the world but love as God would have us love.

Jo McDade