2 Corinthians 8:1 – 9
Matthew 5: 43 – 48


‘Love your enemies!’ 

We were all amazed to hear of how 4 young children – all of one family, survived a plane crash in the Amazon jungle in Colombia! The children survived for 40 days in the inhospitable jungle and were miraculously rescued! Three adults died in the crash, including the children’s mother. She survived for 4 days and told the children: “Leave me. But you do your best to survive.” They did that, including caring for the youngest child Christin – an 11-month-old baby! 

God is generous to us, despite all our weaknesses and our foibles. He cares for the orphans and the poor! (cf. Psalm today) 

In the first Reading, Paul asks the Christians in Corinth to join in a work of charity to assist their fellow Christians in Jerusalem who were suffering from famine. Let us note that the Christians in Jerusalem had been very chary of believing Paul once he had converted. They hadn’t been particularly helpful to him. But Paul rises above any feelings of resentment to appeal to the Corinthians to show their Christian love for their brothers and sisters in their need.    

Jesus calls upon us to love others even those we may normally count as enemies. He says if we look at the overwhelming Love God shows to all his children – we cannot be other than to show love and mercy to others. 

Just as Jesus on the Cross prayed, “Father, forgive them – for they know not what they do!” so as brothers and sisters of Jesus, we too are called to conquer hatred with love, selfishness with generosity and fear with the strength of loving Compassion.

Pat McIndoe CP, a Passionist at St. Gabriel’s Retreat, Boroko, Port Moresby