2 Chronicles 24:17-25
Matthew 6:24-34



Long before Marie Kondo taught us how to find joy, Jesus was a minimalist. As Jesus surveys the world with his disciples, we hear a description of someone who sees beauty and purpose in the most simple of places. He sees everything and seeks nothing. He has no home, no source of income that makes any sense to a modern person. He relies on God to provide and protect him.

In our own world today, this may not seem a realistic option. We all have obligations, commitments, financial and otherwise, and such a laissez-faire approach to life may send us to the wall. 

But of significance to us is realising what is essential in our lives. Whether finding joy or the spark in our lives, reflecting on all the beautiful things we have been given is an amazing gift. To look at the simplicity of Jesus’ life is alluring. Difficult, but possible.

A few months ago, I was walking through the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney. As I watched the people come and go, my eyes were drawn to this tall, beautiful woman, obviously of African heritage. As she came close to me, I noticed that she was blind. I thought to myself, what would it be like to be so beautiful, and not know it. To be such an incredible beacon of beauty in the world, and yet to never realise how much beauty she possessed.

We are born rich. So much of what we need, we already have. God has blessed us abundantly with unique talents, extraordinary opportunities, and loving companions.

May we all see it, and recognise that, today

Fr Peter Gardiner is a Passionist priest, from Sydney, but a citizen of the world.