11th Sunday in Ordinary time


Ezekiel 17:22-24
2 Corinthians 5:6-10
Mark 4: 26-34


The parable of the mustard seed, we have heard it hundreds of times yet there is still a sense of joy that arises in my heart! Ah a mustard seed, so tiny yet so mighty!

A part of me wishes to simplify this reflection jumping the beauty of embracing our seeds, planting them into the ground. Covering them with dirt, not forgetting to add water, where the seed will push against the earth with great strength. The odds are stacked against that tiny seed especially in a world of climate change but it does not matter! The seed defies all odds to muscle forth in bloom. Oh, what a beautiful story…

Yet I realise my story speaks to the power of the seed when actually it’s the power of God in the seed. Which in return is the power of God in us – you and me!

As we pause, can you visualise your seed?

My seed so small in my palm, you have to look really close to see it and even then, it looks like dirt! Sighing I realise that my seed represents so many different things on my journey; it has been the size of my faith, the size of my love, forgiveness, joy and so forth. 

For me the mustard seed feels sacred. The fact that God could stoop so low to love someone whose faith is so small… oh wow what a God we have. Given we live in a culture that values strength and abundance, I think that often we underestimate what God can do with so little.

Personally, I witness this each day with the wonderful individuals I meet on mission. I realise that often I pray for that small little mustard seed will eventually grow into the size of a sunflower seed, and then the size of a tulip bulb. I believe in this, as I have met so many individuals who have gigantic seeds of faith.  

Wouldn’t that happen to me and you too? I’m guessing you have your own small-seed stories too. Yet remember… it’s not the size of our seed that matters, it’s the size of our God. Your seed may feel small yet know God says it’s worth something. He says it can move mountains.

Stand back and watch what He does.

And listen… do you hear it?

That’s the sound of a moving mountain!

Sr Karen Englebretsen CP, Cross and Passion Sisters. blessed to be a spiritual care worker in the homeless sector in Melbourne.