The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus


Deuteronomy 7: 6-11
Matthew 11: 25 – 30


Today is Sacred Heart Day! This has a lot of different meanings for all of us; if you belong to a Sacred Heart School, then traditionally, the school will have a celebration of sorts. Our church communities gather on this Solemnity in prayer, focusing on the heart and love of Jesus.

For me, today is a celebration day for our Sacred Heart Mission community here in Melbourne, a homeless outreach. A community suitably named after the most Sacred Heart of Jesus. A community whose walk on the margins in society has left their hearts at times weak, fragile, broken, cracked or simply hurting.

Daily we witness this when we physically open our gates in the morning to welcome around 500 people daily for food, access to services, resources and conversation. To make space for healing, to touch our own hearts, reach out to hold another which is only possible through the gift of the spirit and living into the example Jesus is gifting us.

Today as we celebrate at the mission, our theme is ‘Hearts that hear the voices of the voiceless’. Making space to hear the voices that too often are dismissed, forgotten, silenced, loud, repetitive, unrecognisable, and labelled. A space to simply hear the voices of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

What better day to do this than today! Our readings speak of the heart and love of God towards all of us, God’s people. We are all invited to rest in this unconditional love and kindness, as Jesus reminds us he is ‘gentle and humble of heart.’

How can we not only welcome the love of God into our hearts today but also bear witness to his love so that others may experience his love though us. This is the invitation in which our Sacred Heart community have built their celebration on, so please come be a part of our community in spirit and prayer, walking together to bear witness of God’s love to all we meet.

Sr Karen Englebretsen CP, Cross and Passion Sisters. blessed to be a spiritual care worker in the homeless sector in Melbourne.