1 Kings 19:19-21
Matthew 5:33-37


Some claim that every religion is good and teaches believers to love others; therefore, keeping general laws rather than God’s is fine. As long as a person can live a good life and not disturb others, it is good enough to live in love.

In the Gospel today, the structure of six ‘antitheses’ is interesting, with one side, “you have learnt …,” and another side, “but I say this to you …” Someone may take it as a ‘contract’ or an ‘opposite’ statement, for Jesus is destroying what has been taught before. Understanding that Jesus is fulfilling what has been taught rather than denying or destroying it is more accurate. It can be applied to all six antitheses of ‘anger, adultery, divorce, oaths, retaliation, and love of enemy.”

Reflecting on this, one can acknowledge that it does not matter to compare or summarise different religions. However, professing that our dear Jesus Christ has fulfilled the Law and the prophets is important for us to acknowledge. In practice, how can someone think about telling lies because it is good for others? What happens later on, the truth will come out and may bring more damage than we can think of. Therefore, let our words be truly honest ‘yes, yes’ when we mean yes, ‘no, no’ when we mean no.

As Christians, we not only live well and keep the law for ourselves but also others. It is good to keep general laws and to be fulfilled by keeping God’s law, the law of love, in our lives.

JD Tân T CP is a Vietnamese Passionist who lives and studies further at the Holy Cross Retreat, Templestowe.