1 Kings 19:9,11-16
Matthew 5:27-32


It’s interesting that as little children, we start off with big dreams of being astronauts, religious, writers, scientists, or singers. As a child, we have no limits. We believe we can do great things. But over time, our dreams start to get watered down. People tell us what we can’t do. We go through disappointments, things that are unfair. We let negative thoughts taint how we see ourselves and what we’re capable of. We end up settling for so much less than what God has for us.

Elijah experienced God’s presence in gentle breeze and covered his face and stood at the entrance of the cave. He is then guided by the Lord how to proceed in the midst of uncertainties, violence and destructions.

When our goal is I centred, to acquire, to accumulate and to gather more than what we need then we are on the path of sin with adultery, lust, fornication and sinful desires. We need to pay attention to the story we are telling ourself. Go back to what God put in our heart. He wants us to dream again, to believe again, to love again. Don’t let wrong thoughts limit our destiny. Tell ourself a new story. I can still accomplish my dream because its His will that I need to fulfill, not to gain that are perishable and blocks my eternal life. I can still get well, still meet someone awesome, and still go to new levels in my spiritual life. Get rid of that limited thinking, and victory begins in your mind.

Open my eyes as You did with Elijah so that I can see what You want me to see and what You want me to do.

Sony Marsilin Kannanaikal CP is a Passionist priest; he lives at St.Gabriel’s Community, Endeavour Hills.