2 Corinthians 3:4-11
Matthew 5:17-19


Jesus questions our imaginations, fulfils the law, and teaches us that we are considered great in the kingdom of Heaven.

Some of our imaginations are short-lived and impractical. Jesus understands our minds and our thoughts. We can fool others with our words, but we cannot fool God, who knows our mind and heart. ‘Thoughts of many hearts will be revealed’ Lk 2:35. Law is a set of rules that are created and enforced – A simple definition of Law. In the Gospel, Jesus is clear about His mission to fulfil the law and the Prophets.

In our world, the law is manipulated, misused, and misunderstood. The reason is that the focus of the set of rules is not to bring death but to give meaning and life. In the first reading, St. Paul highlights that the covenant of written letters brings death, but the Spirit gives life. Written letter engraved in stone is accompanied by such a brightness that the Israelites could not bear looking at the face of Moses. The law was given to show the people of Israel how much God loved them and to show them how they should, in turn, demonstrate this love to each other.  Jesus shows us the value of the Kingdom of Heaven – where every person is valued; every person matters to God. Jesus teaches by word and action, by saying and doing. His example of life is our guide and our encouragement. We need to link what we say and what we do; when importance is given to our actions and to our words, then we walk the talk. These actions are our strength to be members of the kingdom of God.

Sony Marsilin Kannanaikal CP is a Passionist priest, he lives at St.Joseph’s Community, Hobart.