Jude 17:20b-25
Mark 11:27-33


Have you ever known the answer to something but still questioned like you didn’t? I think that’s what we see today in the gospel with the chief priests, scribes, and elders. I think deep down they knew there was something about Jesus that was beyond just your normal prophet, but to accept Jesus as truly from God, means they would have to change their ways. And when the system benefits you and your way of life, why would you question it or what to change ? In fact, you might be so threatened by this that you end up killing the man.
In the first reading from the letter of St Jude, Jude encourages his readers to discern in the Holy Spirit continuously, using faith as a foundation and building on it.

I wonder how we can more fully open our hearts to the works and love of the Holy Spirit today? So that when we do encounter Jesus who really is the Son of God we, unlike the Chief Priests, Scribes and Elders, believe him. Following him with all our might. For as our psalm says today “My Soul is thirsting for you, o Lord my God”.

Claire O’Donohue is a current Oxley Passionist Youth Retreat Team member. While also in her final year of university, she is completing her bachelor’s degree with a major in visual art and theology.