Amos 7:10-17
Matthew 9:1-8


The miracles of Jesus. The power of Jesus

I have always been fascinated by miracles. In my head, I think pragmatically, thinking, “Yeah, right”, or justifying it by saying that the 5 loaves and 2 fishes were a metaphor, and everyone shared food once one person started, but then there is my heart that says what if it was a miracle?  What then?   If God can move mountains and Jesus can heal a paralysed person, why wouldn’t he be able to do great, unexplainable, and unimaginable things?

If Jesus can heal, forgive, cast out and rise up… what can he do in my life?  Do I believe he can? Am I willing to ask or am I scared of what happens when he does a miracle in me?  My world changes, the rug is pulled out from underneath me causing me to respond.  To believe in Jesus and the power that Jesus can have over our lives if we only let him in.  The decision is always there… we just have to ask. “If it’s your will… heal me”.

Jo Mcdade