17th Sunday in Ordinary time


Kings 3:5,7-12
Romans 8:28-3
Matthew 13:44-52


In today’s first reading, we hear that Solomon was invited to ask for anything that he would like God to give him.

Solomon asked for a heart to understand and discern right from wrong so that he would be a good leader of God’s people. As we know, Solomon became famous for his wisdom.

The idea of this ‘one thing’ you might desire above everything else is reflected in the short stories in the gospel.

There is a merchant who finds a pearl of such great value that he sells everything he has so he can buy that one pearl. There is a man who finds a treasure in a field, buries the treasure, and like the merchant, sells everything he has and buys the field. Now he has his treasure.

If you asked for ‘anything’ from God, what would it be?

Would it be what you want or what you need?

What would you sacrifice to have the one thing that matters?

Would you ask for something for yourself or something for others? 

Jesus reminds us, “Where your heart is, there also is your treasure!”

Brian Traynor CP  has been involved in faith formation for many years especially in the form of parish missions and through the Passionist Family Group Movement. Brian is a member of the Passionist community at Holy Cross, Templestowe.