16th Sunday in Ordinary time


Wisdom 1213,16-19
Romans 8:26-27
Matthew 13: 24-43


Each organisation has to face its workplace issues. I remember when I was in the field of Academe dealing with several workforces, either with the management personnel or other stakeholders. The departments are independent in their respective areas of expertise but interdependent when they function as one institution. Occasionally, an external audit has to be administered to ensure proper operation management and implementation so as to succeed at least more than the minimum compliance.  

Although our Gospel today has an eschatological tone, I find its application relevant to our real-life situation. 

The servants in the Gospel audaciously present themselves to the owner and propose a solution to the apparent problem. However, with a discerning spirit, the owner forbids the servants to pull up the darnel since doing so will also destroy the wheat. 

Isn’t this relatable in our day-to-day life of encounters? We often react like the servants, believing in our own capacities but failing to discern the best thing to do in certain situations we come across with. Generally, we are anxious about even little things that bypass rapidity, and the virtue of patience to wait is becoming obsolete. Most of us hate waiting for the outcome we expect. Our modern society makes it worse. Driven by technological progress, we are accustomed to speed up everything. But the more we follow the trends, our lifestyle becomes even more demanding.

In the biblical language, to wait is to listen with a heart responsive to the presence of God. It is more than a pause; patient waiting is part of God’s plan. But the Gospel of today tells us that in waiting, we cannot do away with the opposite force – it coexists with the good, but we are challenged to be conscious and vigilant not to fall into their trap. We pray that God will grant us the strength to bear the adversities patiently and the wisdom to know the difference between the apparent good and the real good so to achieve not only the minimum compliance of being a Christian but to be numbered among the chosen one at the end of time.

Sr Rosana Estoque CP is a Passionist Religious, and the Pastoral Associate at St.Brtigid’s Chruch, Marrickville.