Jeremiah 2:1-3,7-8,12-13
Matthew 13:10-17

2021 Senior Australian of the Year, Dr Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr Baumann AM, talks of dadirri, or Aboriginal spirituality: the quality of deep listening, silence, self-awareness. She says it’s not just a First Nations’ thing, but that we have it too.

Today’s readings tell of a creator who has given us a fertile country to enjoy its produce and good things, and of Jesus who reveals the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven to us.

But despite these gifts, we have defiled the land, abandoned the fountain of living water. We look without seeing and listen without hearing or understanding.

It is through Jesus and his parables that we may see and listen, hear and understand. Then may we be given more, and will have more than enough.

Just as with First Nations’ dadirri and deep listening, we need to open our hearts and our minds to truly hear what the Spirit is whispering to us.

Phil Page is a member of the St Joseph’s Hobart Parish