Amos 3: 1-8, 11-12
Matthew 8: 23-27


The story of Jesus sleeping in the midst of a storm in today’s gospel reminds me of this day at home with my family. I remember quite well having sound sleep on the couch while the TV was turned on and my mother was cooking in the kitchen. Neither the TV sound nor the sounds around the house bothered me. Perhaps I slept well because of the safe and secure feeling in my mother’s presence.

In the boat called life, in the boat called family, in the boat called community, in the boat called the Church – the Lord is truly present with us. The more we grow in this awareness the more we are at peace.

In our inner journey accompanied by our Christian faith, we can always find that sacred space where the Lord is enthroned in the centre of our being. In baptism we have commenced our journey in the boat. While we cherish the joy and thrill of sailing, we also encounter distressing storms. But the end of the journey in eternity is a sense of wonder and calmness.

In the moments of tribulations accessing the sacred space within us where the Lord is resting, is a profound spiritual experience. And to wake up the Lord to our reality is a manifestation of our faith.

Every time we immerse ourselves in prayer, contemplating the Word of God; every time we gather to worship through sacraments; every initiative we take to engage in works of charity; we are awakening the Lord within us. When we awaken the Lord we awaken ourselves to the love of God which not only comforts us but also compels us to act with love.

Finding the Lord resting in us, may we wake him up in faith that we may experience the stillness of our souls.

Justin Durai Raj CP is a member of the Passionist community at St.Paul, Glen Osmond, SA.