13th Sunday in Ordinary time


2 Kings 4: 8-11, 14-16a
Romans 6: 3-4, 8-11
Matthew 10: 37-42


The great Christian principle that runs like an undercurrent all through the gospel is the principle of detachment. I think the Christian spiritual life draws us to love God and then to love everything else for the sake of God. This in no way undermines our respect and love for people whose presence in our lives are so valuable. It only puts our love in a proper order as we all consciously or unconsciously strive towards uniting with the ocean of Love.  St. Augustine says that we run the risk of falling into the trap of loving the creature and forgetting the Creator.

In today’s gospel, Jesus tells his disciples that they are not worthy of him if they do not offer him the prime place in their lives. In a way giving a prime place to Jesus means “to live as companions of the Crucified for the crucified of the world.” (Chapter Prayer) Carrying our cross and losing ourselves in service of others is the way to true discipleship.

Anyone who commits entirely to prefer the Lord and all those whom the Lord prefers to have nothing to fear. For the Scripture promises them God’s favour and protection. This is evident in the life of Prophet Elisha, who received help from the Shunammite woman. Likewise, we can rest assured that we and our families and communities will be rewarded when we are willing to prefer God over everything. It’s not easy, as it is said. But we can pray for the Grace which is sufficient for us.

Justin Durai Raj CP is a member of the Passionist community at St.Paul, Glen Osmond, SA.