Genesis 46:1-7,28-30
Matthew 10:16-23


We are Pilgrims in this world. Our destination is determined by our journey in this world. In the first reading, we hear about the journey of Jacob; God promises him a safe journey to Egypt and back. ‘I Myself will go down to Egypt with you. I Myself will bring you back again.’ In the Gospel, we hear Jesus instructing His Apostles ‘not to worry about how to speak or what to say; what you are to say will be given to you when the time comes; because it is not you will be speaking; the Spirit of your Father will be speaking in you.’ This is our confidence when we are travelling on earth as pilgrims. We sometimes are slaves of different kinds; wealth, power, intellectual blindness, etc. The only remedy not to fall prey to slavery is to keep Christ as our only way, truth and guide, and the Holy Spirit as our true companion. 

Meeting Joseph after realising he was dead and now alive makes both Jacob and Joseph thrilled and overwhelmed. This is what life teaches us; many travel with us, and a few we lose on our way, and few we find; some bring us joy, like Jacob and Joseph, and a few bring us sorrows, like the brothers of Joseph, and our journey continues. We have to be like serpents, cunning and harmless like the doves. Move away from people who are dangerous both for the soul and for our body and harmless towards the poor, widow, homeless, sick, migrants, refugees, etc. Christ gives us hope that at the end of our journey, we will see Him, provided we don’t lose sight nor lose the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Safe journey, and see You soon.

Sony Marsilin Kannanaikal CP is a Passionist priest, he lives at St.Joseph’s Community, Hobart.