Genesis 18:1-15
Matthew 8:5-17


One of my Favorite images is the icon of the Trinity, painted by the Russian artist Rublev in the 15th century. This depiction of the Trinity is based on the Christian interpretation of today’s first reading, the story of Abraham and the three men. However, it is interesting to note that in the story, after preparing all the food, Abraham stands off to the side under the tree and does not join the feast. Abraham, rightfully so, does not feel worthy of sitting at the table with them. Even Sarah, out of fear, lies about her disbelief and laughter when she hears the prophecy spoken over her life.

Yet, in the revelation of the gospel, as praised by Mary in the responsorial psalm, it is now God who sits at our table (Matthew 9:11) and prepares the food (Matthew 26:26-30). The revelation of Jesus shows that God is willing to go to any extent, even becoming a human baby, to prove that we don’t have to be afraid of Him. It is a beautiful contrast in the gospel that a centurion, a high-ranking Roman soldier and an outsider to the Jewish community, feel welcome enough by Jesus that he could approach him so.

Perhaps reflect in your own life that, just like in the icon, there is space for you at the table of God, and he welcomes you to your seat.

Claire O’Donohue is a current Oxley Passionist Youth Retreat Team member. While also in her final year of university, she is completing her bachelor’s degree with a major in visual art and theology.