Feast of Baptism of the Lord


Isaiah 55:1-11
1 John 5:1-9
Mark 1:7-11


Jesus, like many others, came to the Jordan to be baptized by John! This is a moment for us to consider and reflect upon. He’s an adult taking this step very seriously and opening himself to be affirmed by John through water. “Come to the water you who are thirsty”.

Most of us were infants and so the impact of adult baptism does speak to us as much as to people who are to be baptized as adults. They go through a year of reflection and prayer before handing themselves over to be baptized. Jesus went into the desert and it was here he understood the importance of finding one’s true self and with this comes temptation, struggles, and the development of a resilience to be truthful, just, and loving. It’s a decision made through and in love. It is a belief that the God of history and love with guard us and be with us throughout our lives.

This Baptism of Jesus is the beginning of his public ministry and as the prophet Isaiah fortells through his Suffering Servant songs that this life will be made by one who knows that God’s spirit will be there. Jesus, quickly shows that he will take up the path before him and seek to walk it with God spirit at his back. A bit like when one is in trouble and shouts out to a friedns I need help and the friend replies ‘I’ve go your back’. That is the faith the Jesus speaks about and lives.

So, for today – Who can overcome the world? Only the man who believes that Jesus is the Son of God:

So, imagine you are returning to be a follower of Jeus and like when Jesus rises from the waters youi hear this is my son/daughter, my spirit rests in them. It follwos on from Emmanuel that God is with us and his spirit will be leading us and then at the same time behind us as we make our way. All we are called to be and do is to be people of love, justice ad forgivness. So, walk in the light of Jesus and put your trust in him and God, and you will know you are a disciple of Jesus. Build the brotherhood and sisterhood of our communities reflecting this action of being like Jesus.

Words of Oscar Romero come to mind; “Ask not to have more but to BE more”

Paul Traynor is married to Clare and has two children Sam and Lucy. He lives in Greytown which is in the Wairarapa Region on the North Island of New Zealand. Paul is currently working as the National Passionist Family Groups Coordinator for Aotearoa, New Zealand.