1 John 5: 5-13
Mark 1: 6-11


We have passed over very quickly the early life of Jesus, about which very little is known. However, these thirty years of Jesus’ hidden life in relationships with family, community, and temple formed and nurtured him as he grew in wisdom, grace, and the growing understanding of his identity and calling.

Now we hear in Mark about Jesus’ transition into the public life of his ministry. Jesus’ Baptism identifies that point in his life where his lifelong commission from God was publicly revealed. He was entrusted to usher in a new era, distinguished by justice, mercy, compassion and dignity for all, irrespective of their life circumstances. Jesus accepted this as his mission for humankind and all the world. He embraced this understanding of his identity and calling and began to work publicly to bring such dynamic changes about …

In 1 John we are invited to believe in Jesus’ testimony, to be true followers of Christ. However, living out our identity as Christians is not a fait accompli … As it was for Jesus, every day we need to come to know more, to discover anew aspects of the Christian message and our own Christian identity and calling … Every day we make choices, revealing to others the Jesus we have come to know…

Am I prepared to accept a role in Jesus’ mission? Am I ready to face the same challenges? Am I willing to embrace the fullness of our human condition with trust, hope, and a generous heart? For all this is what our faith calls us to do … as followers of Jesus.

Pam Storey is a member of the Passionist Faith Community at Holy Cross, Templestowe, and one of the founding members of Passionist Companions. After a very active and varied family, church and working life, Pam is now focusing on developing a slow spirituality.